About the Clinic

I started Shumway Family Medicine to be able to do what seemed impossible in traditional primary care clinics: that is, to provide excellent, personalized health care and spend more time with my patients.  At Shumway Family Medicine, patients can expect much more time with their doctor.  This means actually getting to the bottom of health issues and avoiding testing, prescriptions, or referrals that may not really be needed.  Patients can be seen for urgent issues, which avoids many urgent care and ER visits.  I do a wide range of office-based procedures and help patients find affordable testing options.  Common medications are even conveniently dispensed in-office for wholesale prices.  If something doesn’t require a physical exam, we can simply talk on the phone or by email!


How do we accomplish primary care in such a natural, personalized way?  We have taken the insurance “middle-man” out of the picture by using a Direct Primary Care (DPC) style.  This means that it is simply a low, flat monthly rate that provides all of the primary care services.  This opens the door for longer or more frequent visits, urgent visits, and simple phone and email communications.  It also means that we don’t need numerous staff members to handle all the insurance hassles.  In fact, the only person you will deal with at Shumway Family Medicine is me, your doctor!  Check out the pricing page to see how it works.  For questions about health insurance and other common questions and answers, see the FAQs page.

About Dr. Shumway

My name is Brad Shumway, and I was raised in Tempe, Arizona, doing a lot of camping, reading, playing the piano, swimming, playing sports, and teasing my five sisters.  I served a two-year volunteer mission for my church in Portugal, then obtained a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University.  Next came medical school at Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine.  The final leg of my formal education and training came through HonorHealth Scottsdale Osborn Family Medicine Residency and becoming board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.  In addition to my current practice, I am also a preceptor and adjunct faculty for Midwestern University, allowing me to teach and mentor medical students.


I have a wonderful wife and three children that are more important to me than anything.  Family physicians are often considered the "Jack of all trades" in medicine.  I take pride in this, and also apply this to the rest of my life in trying to be a well-rounded person. For example, I volunteer as one of the team doctors for Westwood High School’s football team, give service through volunteer church positions, participate in a church choir, enjoy athletics/camping/hiking, play the piano, read a lot, speak Spanish, juggle, like yard work, and enjoy learning about personal finance.