Office Policies


I believe in a doctor-patient relationship based on mutual trust, respect, and concern.  In order to achieve this and provide fairness to all patients in the clinic, these are the office policies by which we will abide:


For those NOT participating in the membership option:


  • Phone calls and emails are only for scheduling appointments, briefly relaying test results, and quick questions related to a recent visit.  New problems and more extensive advice or discussion of results should only be addressed at appointments.  If you are unable to make an appointment, we may be able to work out a time for a phone consultation at the same rate as office visits.


  • Medication refills are handled at appointments only.  I always try to make sure to give you enough refills to last until the next recommended appointment.  So, if you are on your last refill, this means it is time to schedule an appointment!


  • Paperwork and referrals are only addressed at appointments.


For ALL patients:


  • Not showing to an appointment or cancelling within 12 hours of the appointment will be charged a $50 no-show fee.


  • Being late to your appointment means less time with me, so make sure you are on time!


  • I do not manage long-term controlled substances.  These include opioids (like Percocet), testosterone, benzodiazepines (like Xanax), and stimulants (like Adderall).  The only exception is for medication assisted treatment of opioid use disorder with buprenorphine (Suboxone).  For your safety, even if you are receiving these prescriptions from another physician, I may recommend tapering off before we establish or continue a physician-patient relationship.


  • Threats, manipulation, and aggressive behavior will result in immediate discharge from the practice and possible involvement of law enforcement.


  • Because I practice on my own, I require that you bring a family member or friend with whom you feel comfortable if you need examination of a sensitive area (such as breasts or anogenital region).  If this is not possible, please let me know ahead of time so I can arrange for another chaperone.  You are always welcome to have someone else with you for any visit, even if we are not doing such an examination.


My Commitment: I pledge that I will always try my best to be on time and to greet you with a smile and concern for your wellbeing.  I will always offer treatments and plans that combine the best available evidence, my experience, and your preferences and goals.  I will decrease your healthcare costs by prescribing less expensive medications when possible, only ordering necessary tests, and only referring you to specialists when it is truly needed.  I want to be your one-stop shop!