Pricing, Payment Policies, & Insurance


Membership Option-Pricing:


Age 0-19: $15/month with parent membership ($55/month without parent)


Age 20-49: $55/month


Age 50+: $75/month


Membership Includes: Yearly wellness visits, problem/sick visits, phone and email communications, most office procedures, in-office testing, and even home visits (plus a travel fee).  I am even able to get you lab testing for very cheap prices through a local lab company.  There is no contract, so you can cancel at any time!


*Click on the links below for more information and to see the detailed membership agreement, then contact me for further questions!




This option matches very nicely with a high-deductible health insurance plan or a health share.  Some health shares such as Zion Health (see link) and Sedara (see link) will even significantly discount their monthly rate when you are part of a clinic like this. (I do not have any financial affiliation either company)


Pay Per Visit (Non-Membership) Option-Pricing:


45 Minute Visit: $125


25 Minute Visit: $100


Home Visit: Visit fee plus travel fee (travel time rate: $160/hr)


Procedures, In-Office Testing, Vaccine/Medication Injections: See link to detailed pay per visit pricing list below.


*These fees reflect the charges after the “pay-at-time-of-service discount” has been applied



Payment Policies:


For those joining the membership, we set up automatic payments from your credit or debit card card to make it easy.  See membership agreement for more details.


For those paying per visit, payment in full required at time of visit in cash, check, HSA/FSA card, or credit/debit card.


Not showing to an appointment or cancelling within 12 hours of the appointment will be charged a $50 no-show fee.


Bounced check fee is $30.


Health Insurance:


Question: Do you contract with health insurance companies?  Why not?


Answer: I choose not to contract with health insurance companies so that I can spend more time with my patients.  Clinics that contract with health insurance companies deal with endless hassles and paperwork.  Because of this, their doctors spend too much time charting and less time with their patients.  In addition, they have to hire more staff to deal with all of the insurance hassles, which means overscheduling to pay for those additional staff members.


Question: What if I have health insurance?


Answer: No problem!  Most patients who come to my clinic still do have health coverage, such as private insurance, Medicare, or a health share.  You can still use your coverage for prescriptions and tests I order (like bloodwork or imaging).  You can also still use your insurance with specialists or at other medical facilities.  Some insurance companies will even let you try to submit my office fees for reimbursement.


Question: How will this save me money if I have to pay the clinic fees out-of-pocket?


Answer: Even though my office fees will be out-of-pocket for you, studies are showing that, in most situations, this model of primary care will actually LOWER your long-term health care costs!  When you get more time and access to your doctor, you avoid expensive ER visits, skip a lot of unnecessary testing and referrals to specialists, and you’re just plain healthier!  This is why some health share companies and employers are rewarding their clients with discounts or subsidies for joining practices like mine!