Shumway Family Medicine Pricing

Low Monthly Price

No Long-Term Contract

No Enrollment Fee!

What does the low monthly price include?


  • Yearly wellness visits
  • Visits for medical problems or illnesses

  • Communications by phone call and email

  • Most in-office procedures

  • Most in-office testing

  • Paperwork and referrals


Additional benefits of being a member of the clinic:


  • Extremely affordable lab testing contracted with a local lab company
  • Common medications conveniently dispensed in-office at wholesale prices
  • Help with finding best prices for x-rays or other imaging
  • Home visits included in monthly price with addition of travel fee
  • Fewer urgent care or ER visits, since you can usually be seen same day or next day
  • Having a doctor who actually spends time with you!


For common questions and answers, see the FAQs page.


For full membership details, please see the Direct Primary Care Membership Terms and Agreement.